Jobs at SafeKey Before and After School Programs in Las Vegas Valley


In this tough economy a few parents have asked me how to get a job with SafeKey the after school program that is in most neighborhood schools within our valley.

SafeKey is a program of Clark County in some parts of the valley, a City program in Las Vegas and Henderson.

My assumption is that job openings will be posted on to the websites for each section of town:

These are also the same sites you can use to apply for work as a school crossing guard.

The office at your child’s school does not know anything about the staffing of this program for next year because it is a separate entity from the school district.

As you can imagine for any position working with children the application is long and will require several references and a background check. Better to start early now on all of that paperwork to be ready in line first when these positions open.

As with applying for any job talk to the site supervisor when school opens and give them a copy of your completed application to keep on file. This may also help put you to the top of the list in a sea of other applicants.

The county website had this post: 

Parks and Recreation is hiring about 100 people to assist with its Safekey before- and after-school program. For information, call (702) 455-8251.

City of Las Vegas phone number for SafeKey Program:

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