Ten Last Things to do for Back to School a To-Do List for Las Vegas Valley Parents

Just one more week to go before children throughout the valley head back to school.

This is my final check to-do list to get on track to an organized school year.

1.) Get your child’s shots and sports physical done now! You have no more time to wait.

2.) Get your child’s bus transportation set up.

3.) Set up ParentLink to keep everyone informed on what is happening with grades, school schedules, and bus stops for this next year. You can visit Parentlink from any computer or smart phone with internet access.

4.) Set up a family calendar of what days your child has off from school this next year. Plan now for future child care expenses because we have a lot of 3 and 4 day weekends this year!

5.) Get your child’s school supplies. Lists are available at many stores in the valley, but trust only the one sent by your child’s school. Many stores like Office Max, Office Depot, and Staples have loss leader 1 penny items this week. My favorite this week is Target.com/coupons which has a few items which after sale price and printable coupon are FREE!

6.) Verify if your school will have uniforms next year before you shop for new clothes this year. On a tight budget check out the local consignment stores including Children’s Orchard for deals on used yet still very nice clothing.

7.) Start a new positive at-home routine. My favorite inspiration is the FlyLady. Thanks to learning the FlyLady Flying routine about 10 years ago I have been able to keep positive, stay organize, feed my family at home, and feel in control of my life as a primarily stay at home parent.  Also check out her hints to help your students keep themselves organized. 

8.) Make sure all of your school paperwork is complete and turned in. My article: School Enrollment Options shares how to enroll and what options are open when in the district. By this time one week before school starts you have run out of time for magnet, charter, and open enrollment opportunities.

9.) Find a part time job for while the kids are in school, or one you can do with your kids. Check out crossing guard jobs (about $400 extra dollars a month to your budget) or SafeKey positions before and after school plus you can have your kids with you!

10.) Register to vote! Up ahead are critical elections affecting how our school district will be run and the funding it receives.

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