250 Scholarships STILL Available for Middle School and High School Students

Get this offer if you are eligible. Our community charges families for their students to attend summer school. Perhaps this too contributes to our high drop out rate.

Get on the phone with Nevada Partners Youth Department at 924-2133 NOW if your students needs or can use Summer School.

You can find them on Twitter and their website.   After office hours use their online contact form to make sure you get into contact with this office so your student can benefit from this opportunity.


250 Scholarships Available For Summer School
Classes Available For Eligible Middle School, High School Students

The city of Las Vegas and the Clark County School District are excited to be able to offer 250 area youth scholarships for summer school. Funding for the scholarships has been made possible through a Workforce Investment Act (WIA) grant to Nevada Partners from Workforce Connections. Interested families must meet income guidelines to be eligible for a scholarship.

Classes for high school students consist of Physical Education, Health, U.S. Government, English IV and Driver Education. Middle school students can choose from English 6, 7,8; Mathematics 6,7,8; U.S. Nevada History 7; Reading 6,7; Science 6,7,8 and World Geography.

Summer school sessions are June 18-July 6, with registration accepted through June 15. The second session is July 9-July 26, with registration accepted through July 6.

For more information, please contact Nevada Partners’ Youth Department at 924-2133.

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