How to Get an Immunization Exemption in Clark County Nevada

Though I did not recall this being a requirement in the past the Southern Nevada Health Department requires that you take a class before obtaining an exemption from vaccinations. This is both an important public health concern and a personal decision parents reach with their family physician. Note that Nevada according to the National Conference of State Legislatures does not offer a philosophical exemption from vaccinations only a religious exemption in lieu of an underlying medical condition to which you can provide a letter from a state licensed physician.

Additionally please read the state laws regarding vaccinations carefully.

NRS 392.435 5 E

If the parent or legal guardian fails to submit the documentation required pursuant to this subsection, the child must be excluded from school and may not be readmitted until the requirements for immunization have been met. A child who is excluded from school pursuant to this section is a neglected child for the purposes of NRS 432.0999 to 432.130, inclusive, and chapter 432B of NRS.


Immunization Exemption

To obtain an immunization exemption, you must attend a vaccine education class. Call (702) 759-0898 and leave your name and number to schedule the class. You will be notified of the class date and time.


This information is from the Southern Nevada Health District website on immunizations.

If your family has reasons for opting not to immunize and plan to register for public school (this also includes the online schools like Connection Academy, K12, Nevada Virtual Academy, and Odyssey) you will want to call ASAP.

Here is the link to the Nevada State law regarding immunizations. My brief review of this law did not provide for an exclusion based on getting a certificate from the health district. The Clark County School District website publishes a policy which does not reference the course with the county as a requirement but it does however reference that it is up to the health district to set policy. 

Military Families: Note that NRS 392.435 section 5 has a special exemption for military families to allow children who are enrolling in this state for the first time due to a military transfer shall be immediately enrolled in school. “A child who transfers to a school in this State from a school outside this State because of the military transfer of the parent or legal guardian of the child must be enrolled in school in this State regardless of whether the child has been immunized.”   Transfers are hard enough on families so having the time to get any additional immunizations while you settle can be a big help. It is not often that Nevada requires an immunization not required where you moved from.

This is an important decision for any family. Parents need to have the freedom to do what is right for their children. I have exercised my right to delay my son’s vaccination due to medical concern supported by my family physician while we investigated other underlying health concerns.

I also have two children with Autism. My oldest was vaccinated, my second born was not vaccinated until age 5, yet they share the same diagnosis. I did my research and independently came to the conclusion that vaccinating my two youngest children was a safe decision that would allow them to be healthy in a city that has travelers exposing them to germs from all over the world. I do however respect my friends who have decided not to take the risks of vaccines after reaching their own conclusions. But again living in a city like Las Vegas where we have a high concentration of diseases from around the world with visitors who are not vaccinated I felt that the benefits outweighed the risks.

I also stand with parents that want to limit the number of vaccinations their babies receive on one day. When my four children were babies I never allowed the practice of 7 – 9 shots a day. I spread out appointments over several months.

Links to research the risks of vaccines.

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Vaccine Safety from the Centers for Disease Control

Evidence Shows Vaccines Unrelated to Autism 

National Vaccine Information Center 

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