I am a Mom in Las Vegas with four children from preschoolers to teens. This blog is to share with locals and visitors the events I learn about so you can join in the fun too! We attend many local events each year so I provide reviews with hints for how to get the most out of your family outing.

If you are a local charity with events suitable for families please email me your press announcement or complete the form below,  and I will include it in the blog.

________________Advertising Disclosure__________________

As a network blog writer this blog may run commercial content placed by the event producer. I disclose when I receive free tickets and I never place on the blogs any event I did not personally enjoy. I comply with all FCC guidelines for the placement of paid blog posts by disclosing that I received compensation or sample at the bottom of my post.

In addition to my work as a mother, writer, and sometimes community activist I also work in real estate. Real estate ads connected to my business do appear on this website. I appreciate your referrals and work hard to build a great Las Vegas community. I love this town and treat it like my hometown. I would appreciate any opportunity to help you with your real estate needs. I participate in our community which I believe helps me develop the skills to help home owners and sellers achieve their vision of community. 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~95% of the content on this site is provided for FREE without Ad revenue~~~~~~~~~~~~

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