Great Local Family Outing: Linsenbardt Farm NW Las Vegas Fresh and Local Produce PLUS Farm Animals

Linsenbardt Farm is located at the corner of Grand Teton and Tenaya in the NW corner of the Las Vegas valley.

While not a large attraction it is sure busy every weekend with families enjoying a variety of locally made honey, jams, pies, produce, and other treats. If you are looking for local naturally grown chicken, duck, or quail eggs this is the place.

You can even take a horse and carriage ride (check website for specific weekend) or pet the animals. This is one of those great family attractions we need to support in Las Vegas to treat our city as our home town.

To get the best idea of what is happening every weekend join the farm’s Facebook page. Photo album of the farm.

Check out other news stories about The Farm as most of us in the NW call it:

I live just five minutes from the farm and have never been disappointed by my experience. The prices are fair considering the time and effort it takes to grow natural products. This business shows our children a side of farming our grandparents knew and we need to respect in order to help our planet.